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7 things Hinder your pregnancy


7 things Hinder your pregnancy


The presence of children is one of the most expected by married couples who want to have children soon. At this time perhaps you and the couple also run a program is pregnant. However, please be aware that there are various things that can hinder pregnancy.

Demographic and health survey data Indonesia (SDKI) shows that in 2012 the number of residents who cannot get married to have a child in Indonesia was 2.3 percent female and 3.8 percent of men. In fact, from the same data also mentioned the desire of couples to have children is quite high.

When viewed from the curve by SDKI in 2012, the desire to have a child on the respondent's women reach 83.9 percent and about 24 percent in men. This figure increased by more than 3 percent from the year 2007.

No wonder, this data is finally in line with that described by In Vitro Fertility Society of Indonesia (PERFITRI). Mentioned in 2015, the use of tube baby as a solution partner to have children increased by 21.98 percent, of 4,827 cases in 2014 up to 5,888 the following year.

The things that frustrate program pregnant

Viewed from a variety of data above, can you understand that any couples who want to have a child will do a variety of things so that his business is successful, one with a baby tube. Unfortunately, the costs for the baby the tube still belongs to high.

In order to keep potentially have children, you can try first avoiding the various things that can hinder pregnancy here. It could be, one of them still do, so Your pregnancy never happened.

1. Damage to sperm DNA

Offered from Babyologist, apparently, the existence of sperm DNA damage can hinder pregnancy. Professor Sheena Lewis of the School of Medicine Queen's University of Belfast States 15 percent damage to sperm DNA male can still be considered normal.

However, if the damage is more than 25 percent of the sperm, the chances of having a baby will decrease, even when couples have undergone efforts to increase fertility. This condition should get the handling of the doctor.

2. Infection of sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

Described by Dr. Dyan Mega Inderawati from KlikDokter, a person who is infected with an STD may experience a disruption in the reproductive system.

"If this happens to You, should delay sexual intercourse for a while to prevent recurrent infections occur. Do consultations with doctors that all sources of infection can be eliminated, "he said.

3. Too frequent sexual intercourse

Made efforts to soon have children is okay, just don't overdo it. Because sexual intercourse with excessive intensity thus may inhibit pregnancy.

"Sexual intercourse every few days will help the body produce the sperm quality is better than having sex every day," said Dr. Karin Wiradarma to KlikDokter.

According to him too often sexual intercourse will cause lack of time the establishment and consummation of sperm before finally expelled through ejaculation.

"Try sexual intercourse 2-3 days. This intensity will make the condition of your relationship and your partner more enjoyable, "he added.

4. Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol

Reported by Fit Pregnancy, alcohol and smoking can affect fertility, even can cause a miscarriage. So, if you want to have children, a commitment to avoid smoking and alcohol is urgently needed.

5. Obesity

One of the health conditions that can hinder pregnancy is overweight or obese. According to Dr. Atika from KlikDokter, women who are obese will experience hormonal balance disorders that can lead to spending uninterrupted egg cycle, so difficult to get pregnant.

6. The age of the young no longer

Indeed in some cases, pregnancy can occur at age 40 though. However, a woman's fertility peaks were when at the age of 20-27 years. In fact, after the age of 40 years, the rate of miscarriage may rise up to 50 percent.

So, even if you managed to get pregnant, Your pregnancy is a condition in which age is no longer the young are also very risky experience interference. For the effort with tube baby though, a woman aged over 30 years only have a success rate of 30 percent, and 11 percent for women age 40 years.

7. Stress

Most couples who never have children usually experience stress. In fact, it is precisely this would further inhibit pregnancy.

In a study published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility, 2011 on the researchers found that a woman who is depressed has the possibility of getting pregnant are less than her mental condition is more stable.

Most women need the 3-6 months to conceive and hardness, mental condition affected by 10 percent trigger pregnancy. So, try to reduce your stress by doing things that can m




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