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Asian Games athletes, avoid Snacks so that stomach ache-free!


Asian Games athletes, avoid Snacks so that stomach ache-free!



2018 Asian Games Jakarta have entered the fifth day. Some sports are already competing for medals and a few branches that are still rolling out of the knockout stage. Related it, athletes who are still battling his intake must keep and avoid unhealthy snacks that can trigger stomach pain.

Condition is very important for the athletes who are following the event of the Asian Games. Because the athletes become representatives of their respective countries, and certainly should keep the good name of the country. Target every athlete who competed was the Medal, especially a gold medal.

With increasing competition from day to day, the athletes are required to be in the condition of 100 percent healthy. They must also pay attention to the intake so that it can compete with the top condition and get good results.

Food causes of abdominal pain

Because of the fight over the medals still kept going, each food consumed the athletes should not be, including the activities of snacking athletes in his spare time. Wrong-wrong, snacks consumed thus causing stomach pain and annoying when playing on the field.

Sounds may be trivial, but abdominal pain which led to stomach cramps, sore mag, and diarrhea can make gait of athletes at the Asian Games is not the maximum. Here's a list of snacks that should be avoided by athletes to avoid stomach pain


1. Spicy foods

Spicy foods can irritate the stomach, especially for you who are not accustomed to eating him. These types of foods can also make your stomach bloating.

In addition, when stomach acid is too high, you can experience diarrhea which can then cause a body limp. Of course, this condition can interfere with Your participation in the Asian Games.

2. Acidic food

In addition to spicy foods, acidic nature foods such as oranges and lemons can irritate the gastric wall in surface and cause a range of digestive problems such as bloating,  nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

3. Food with high gas content

Although it looks healthy, to avoid flatulence, and uncomfortable, should avoid snacks that can produce a lot of gas, such as broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens, and beans.

In addition, as an athlete, You should avoid fizzy drinks that can produce additional gases in the stomach. Caution, stomach bloating can make you easier to nausea and vomiting.

4. Food containing fat

Next Dr. Karin said, fatty foods can cause digestive disorders that can cause flatulence and Moreover, for those of you who have the disease or have a history of gallbladder gallstone surgery, eating high-fat can make you go back and forth to the toilet.

5. Caffeine

These substances are usually present in coffee. Caffeine can stimulate the movement of the digestive tract, so you are having diarrhea, especially vulnerable when taking coffee in the amount is too much, or not used to consuming coffee.

Specially for you, we recommend that athletes do not drink coffee if it is near the time for the match. However, enough rest is best efforts to overcome the drowsiness because of fatigue. So, arrange a time to rest well despite the workout schedule and played pretty solid.

If you want to eat snacks, it's good to avoid various snacks causes abdominal pain above, especially for you, the athletes who still continue their struggle in the 2018 Asian Games. Keep your intake of nutrients to provide the best for Indonesia. Congratulations and best wishes of success competed bearing the name of the nation!



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