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How to lose weight 10 Kg in 1 week? Not Hard!


How to lose weight 10 Kg in 1 week? Not Hard!


can be done easily, with a record you did with earnest and serious. Having excess body weight is indeed sometimes give negative effects for you. For example become less confident with your appearance or as a public secret that obesity led to ease the pain, which actually is. Well, one way to overcome these problems is to run the program on a diet. Currently, lots of ways a certain diet published through various media. You can get the diet from the internet, magazines, television, etc. But that becomes the main key diet or how to deal with the agency within 1 week it is a strong desire and also consistent in doing it. Well, for those of you who want to try a few different ways to lose weight in a short time, we have some tips that might be helpful to you.

How to lose weight 10 Kg in 1 week with ease

In carrying out the program of diet or weight loss program, not least those who failed to do so. This is usually caused by a lack of awareness of the people doing the diet program and is not consistent with the commitment he made already own diet. The temptation will taste delicious food but lazy and less healthy are thus able to gain weight usually are hard to avoid. Breaking the diet restrictions lead to the results you get are not satisfactory, even diet can fail. Never mind the time 1 week to lose weight, if you can not consistently, time 1 year was not going to be enough. Well, here is some way lose weight 10 kg in 2 weeks that you can try.

1. Reduce consumption of Carbohydrates and sugars

If during this you eating too much rice and eating sweet foods that contain lots of sugar, now is the time you reduce the consumption of both. This is because carbohydrates and sugar can add to the hormone insulin. Well, even though this hormone could serve to stabilize the sugar levels in the blood, but the hormone insulin can also accumulate fat in the body. So if you receive too much intake of carbs and sugar, the fat will be more and more covered. In addition to that by reducing carbohydrates (refined carbohydrates, cth: white bread) and sugar, you can also keep yourself from risk exposure to the disease of diabetes, liver, and kidney disorders.

If possible, change the consumption of rice as a source of carbohydrates you with that derived from wheat, such as whole wheat bread (whole wheat), or oatmeal. Though equally source of protein, but wheat fiber will make feel full longer, so you'll easily reduce your intake of carbohydrates. For one week, in general, this way could reduce weight up to 5 kilograms.

2. Consuming vegetables, Protein, and good fats

How to lose weight 10 kg in 1 week is by consuming different types of vegetables, protein and fat intake is good enough. Well, for the protein itself, in a day at least the human body requires approximately 20-50 grams of protein each day. This could make the metabolism in the body more smoothly and will aid fat burning. You can get protein from different types of healthy foods such as egg whites, chicken, beef, shrimp, salmon, and so on.

Eating more vegetables can also be one of the ways to deal with the agency within 1 week. Some kinds of vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach are able to help You launch a diet program and also maintain the health of the body. Even though you are eating vegetables in the amount pretty much, but you don't need to worry because you will not experience the overweight or obese. In addition, you are also advised to consume fat. But the fact that you consume is clearly good fats, fats that have multiple benefits for the health of the body. One is to help lose weight. 3. Exercise Regularly

Well, other than by setting your diet become more healthy and friendly with your weight, You should not forget the next is offset diet program by doing sports regularly. Sport is one of the things that are common in the diet, the more concise diet program and a lot of the weight that you want to hide, the more regularly also sport should be run. Do exercise until sweating, but don't overdo it, know your physical limits.

By exercising you can burn fat and calories is also a heap of evil that exists in the body quickly. Besides the sport will also improve metabolism, nutrition that goes into the body can be utilized optimally. Exercise regularly, at least do up to 4 times a week. You can choose from a variety


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